We are a dynamic force at the forefront of Managed IT Services and Software Development, serving clients worldwide.



Sri Lankan Office: No.23, Braybrook Street, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka.
New Zealand Office: 244a Old Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604, New Zealand.
Canada Office: 41 West 4th Street, Hamilton, On L9C 3M5, Canada.

+1 -800-456-478-23

Our Vision
To be the foremost IT infrastructure service provider on a global scale
Our Mission
To deliver cost-effective and cutting-edge IT solutions to our clients across regional and global markets, so that they may derive maximum value from their IT investments

We specialize in a diverse range of services

Software Development

Crafting innovative, customized software solutions tailored to your needs.

IT Insfrastructure Development

Building robust and reliable IT foundations for your organization.

Mobile Solutions

Empowering your business with cutting-edge mobile applications.

BPO Service

Efficient business process outsourcing to streamline your operations.

Data Analysts

Expert analysts transform raw data into actionable insights through specialized techniques.

Hardware Maintenance

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.


At Apps Technologies, we celebrate the power of synergy, leadership, and open communication, fostering an environment where every team member's strength shine. True success stems from understanding each other's strengths, giving space when needed, and using the brilliance that emerges from collaboration and connection.

Our Commitment to You

From project inception to implementation, we tirelessly deliver rapid, effective solutions, going the extra mile to thrill our clients. Through transparency and collaboration, we build trust and ensure mutual success. Leveraging technology and fostering continuous improvement, we exceed industry standards.

Serving Globally

Our company, based in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Switzerland, operates a global network serving clients across the US, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and beyond. Our commitment to delivering high-quality service remains unwavering, and we firmly believe that honesty and transparency are the keys to long-term success in business.

Collaboration Is Key

At Apps Technologies, we understand that true success in any project comes from collaboration and connection. Sometimes, we need to let go and give others space, understanding that this act of selflessness doesn’t diminish our contributions but amplifies the overall success of the team. This is our philosophy.


Imagine a project where every team member contributes their unique skills. It is like a symphony where each instrument plays a vital role in creating a harmonious masterpiece.


We must be willing to step back when necessary. This act of synergy doesn’t diminish our individual contributions; instead, it magnifies the collective success of the team.


Effective leadership often involves recognizing when someone else’s strengths can lead the way. It’s a testament to your leadership.



To complement our specialized IT services, we have a highly valued human resource that translates to a formidable knowledge base and expertise. As a result, the delivery of products and services is endorsed with the best recruits in the academic and industrial spheres, qualified from prestigious private and state universities. Methodology- We employ the Agile Methodology in order to deliver resilient and flexible solutions that are efficient in terms of both time and cost. This ensures that our clients consistently receive desired results and high value.



Apps Technologies is a technology partner beyond technology. We provide full-cycle custom software development and R&D services, build proof-of-concept applications, and bring together ideas, goals and instruments to deliver solutions that flexibly respond to our clients’ business needs.


We understand the complexity of a constantly evolving industry and its many components. This is why we invest our best efforts to stay abreast of industry trends and demands, so that optimum solutions are afforded at any given time.


Bringing greater value and versatility to the table, our strategic partners are instrumental to our efforts of building trust and confidence in what we deliver.


IT Support for Healthcare

At Apps Technologies, we recognize the unique IT needs of healthcare enterprises distinct from those of other industries. Our specialized IT Support Services for Healthcare are crafted to optimize your IT investment and enhance the efficiency of your medical operations.

Whether your preference is MedTech32, MedTech Evolution, MyPractice, Indici, rest assured, we have the expertise to support them all. Our team at Apps Technologies holds certifications to assist with all Patient Management Systems for medical practices globally.

In the realm of this highly sensitive and personal industry, seeking specialized assistance is paramount for delivering optimal care. With a deep understanding of this sector, we have a track record of providing timely training and support to medical communities worldwide.


Read Most Frequent Questions

These are some/few of the bespoke products provided by Apps,

  • Student Information Management System
  • Membership Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • The Ultimate Financial Compass
  • HR Management
  • QR Attendance
  • Catalog APP
  • Vehicle Inspection Management
  • ERP System
  • Student Information Management System is a web-based software solution to address the requirements of managing student information.
  • Membership management systems play a major key role in Associations and other membership-based organizations.
  • Warehouse Management System is often used alongside or integrated with other related systems, including ERP, transportation management systems (TMS) and inventory management systems.
  • TUFC is a special application software that records all the financial activity within a business organization.
  • Catalogue App is an Informative Application for the Company Partners, Agents, Customers to refer, find,
    view products of Your Company easily and more efficiently.
  • Hybrid mobile application With Online Attendance Portal to Manage Shops or outlets and Employees visits.
  • Our HR Management System is the foundational pillar of your organization’s human resource strategy.
  • Vehicle Inspection Management System is a comprehensive centralized solution designed to streamline the vehicle inspection process.
  • Our ERP System streamlines procurement, inventory, sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance, administration, and reporting, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Each of these bespoke products appears to address specific needs within different domains, offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in their respective areas of focus.

If you have more specific questions about any of these systems or if you need detailed information about their functionalities, feel free to ask!

Absolutely, we can satisfy any software demand. We take great pleasure in our ability to tailor our software products to our clients’ exact requirements and needs. Our team of professionals is committed to recognizing the unique needs of every customer and customizing our offerings in response. 

We aim to offer flexible and customized solutions to ensure ideal happiness and utility for our clients, whether it means establishing whole new functionalities, integrating with other systems, or modifying existing features. Please feel free to discuss any special customization requests or questions you may have with us, and we will do our best to come up with a solution that meets all of your demands.

Few of the services provided by Apps,

  • Data Analysts
  • Security Specialists
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Network Engineering
  • IT Manage Services
  • Web Hosting & Email
  • Web Developments
  • Digital Marketing

Our skilled data analysts use modern tools to find patterns, trends, and relevant information in raw data to assist your business make smart decisions.

Our experienced security experts effectively enhance software applications throughout development, addressing startup security challenges with limited resources and tight timelines.

Our Cloud Platform Services empower startups by using the agility, scalability, and innovation of the cloud.

As a company, we provide network configuration services involving setting up, managing, and optimizing network devices and settings to ensure an organization’s network operates efficiently.

Apps Technologies expert Managed IT Services we provide IOT-based services for small to medium-sized businesses globally who are expert and reliable trusted IT service provider.

Specializing in Web Design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC AdWords), Social Media Marketing, and CRM.

Web hosting packages based on features (email hosting, cloud computing, managed services, WordPress compatibility), business segments (small enterprises, e-commerce), or platforms (Linux or Windows).

We develop strategies to increase brand visibility, engage with the target audience, and drive online conversions.

If you have more specific questions about any of these services or if you need detailed information about their functionalities, feel free to ask!

Globally we are based in 5 countries, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and Switzerland. Our client base has expanded on an international scale with customers from Australia, the UK, etc.

Yes, we do conduct training programs. One of our initiatives involves bringing in interns and providing them with training in software development, QA, Networking, and Data analyst.

This program is designed to offer hands-on experience to individuals interested in building their skills in the field.
Through mentorship, practical projects, and exposure to real-world scenarios, our goal is to contribute to the professional development of aspiring young blood. If you have further inquiries about our training programs or if you’re interested in participating, please feel free to reach out for more details.

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